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A Word From The Author
We offer holistic wellness modalities that address the restoration and balance of body, mind, and spirit through Trauma-Responsive Holistic Resources. Our methods address, negative thought patterns, damaging core beliefs, adverse childhood experiences, and toxic stress.
We specialize in the restoration and balance of body, mind, and spirit, cultivating well-being, mindfulness, resilience, stress reduction, and trauma resolution.
We have all been through some level of Trauma. Our experiences leave imprints and blockages that affect our daily lives. Once we understand the underlying cause of our discomfort, we are then able to address and reprogram negative thought patterns and damaging core beliefs. Living a life clean of addictive substances and harmful behaviors allows us to heal holistically (the whole person), guiding us to become our own best resource.

Renee Frye | SSHI

Holistic Trauma-Responsive Specialist, Entrepreneur, Writer & Speaker.

What readers are saying!

Here's just a few snippets from a few rockstars who've gotten their hands on a copy of Deconstructing Trauma

Renee has transformed my life!!! I was very emotionally twisted up! The healing methods in 'Deconstructing Trauma' have taught me how to work through so many issues in my life!! I haven’t felt this at peace in a very long time! Thank you Renee for everything you have done for me!!

Brian Marlow Deconstructing Trauma user

Caught some of the pre-launch action of 'Deconstructing Trauma'. It's eye-opening, y'all. I can already tell it's gonna be a hit!

Mike Sendler  SSHI valued customer

Words cannot express what a gift Renee is to our community… and beyond. I have a retail business that many of her clients have visited. Every single one of them that have noticed her business cards on my counter have raved about how much she has helped them, truly cares for them, and how much better they feel after sessions with her. I have heard so many people stating how comfortable they instantly feel with her, and how she has changed their lives. Personally, Renee has done some energy work on me. And now she's bringing her methods to the world with 'Deconstructing Trauma'.

Angie Britton SSHI valued customer

Deconstructing Trauma" offers a transformative guide to healing, empowering readers with practical methods to overcome the lasting impacts of trauma, resulting in a significantly improved quality of life and newfound resilience.

Shanna Margolis  Deconstructing Trauma user

What to Expect?

"Deconstructing Trauma" is not just another self-help book; it is a transformative guide that has the power to heal and uplift individuals from all walks of life. With its comprehensive and accessible approach, this remarkable book provides practical tools that enable readers to conquer the effects of trauma. By engaging in mindful behavior modification, breath work, and holistic modalities, readers can uncover the underlying causes of their pain and unlock the path to profound personal growth. The methods outlined within these pages have a proven track record of success, even in the most persistent cases. "Deconstructing Trauma" serves as a beacon of hope, offering solace, peace of mind, and lasting healing for those burdened by their past experiences. It's time to embrace the strategies that will empower you to overcome your trauma and create a brighter future.

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