Chakra Cleansing & Balancing Video

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Discover how to reprogram to positive, healthy thoughts and behavior patterns as you learn how to identify triggers and negative learned behavior. People who are successful at making life changes release limiting beliefs, fears, and low self-esteem. They add positive beliefs, skills, and tools that allow abundance. Reclaim your life, find freedom and joy, reprogram to a positive self-belief system.






Your Journey to Wellness. Relieve stress, release blockages, reprogram harmful triggers, and negative learned behavior. 

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

The body contains seven main chakras, also known as energy centers. These chakras are located in the center of the body and run from the crown to the root. The chakras collect, absorb and distribute life energies to our cells. The chakras are much like spark plugs in a vehicle. They produce and send energy to the meridian channels, which then distribute that energy to the entire body so we can function optimally.

Each energy center is associated with a particular function in the body, with specific life issues and the way we handle them, both inside ourselves and in our interactions with the world. Due to external life experiences, trauma, and personal habits, a chakra can become deficient or excessive, leading to an imbalance.

When blocks accumulate, there is a disruption in the flow of energy. When an illness manifests in one part of the body, there will be a correlating block or weakness in one or more of the chakras. A deficient energy center does not receive appropriate energy, nor does it manifest its energy to the world. When this occurs, there is a sense of being physically and emotionally closed down in that area.

As we work thru the 7 Chakras and their main obstacles, “Fear/Anger, Guilt, Shame, Grief, Lies, Illusions, and Attachment,” we learn that we no longer have to identify with these emotions, this is not who we are. We are not our emotions, we are not our feelings, we are not our suffering, we are not our trauma, we are not our pain.

As a society, we have developed false identities and beliefs from these obstacles and learned behavior patterns, leading us to punish ourselves without even realizing it. This, in turn, promotes unhealthy behavior patterns for the mind, body, and spirit.

Through this foundational video, we can begin to recognize emotions as the tool that they are and learn from our experiences. As we learn to release these emotions through breathwork and intention, we are then able to integrate and process our experiences, moving forward with balance and understanding for ourselves and the world around us.

This video is a fantastic start to the healing journey.


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Use in professional and personal lives, improving overall health and well-being.

*Our resources are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat.*

Renee Frye, SSHI



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