Stress Reduction Video

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Discover how to reprogram to positive, healthy thoughts and behavior patterns as you learn how to identify triggers and negative learned behavior. People who are successful at making life changes release limiting beliefs, fears, and low self-esteem. They add positive beliefs, skills, and tools that allow abundance. Reclaim your life, find freedom and joy, reprogram to a positive self-belief system.






Your Journey to Wellness. Relieve stress, release blockages, reprogram harmful triggers, and negative learned behavior. 

Stress Reduction 

Stress is the negative or overwhelming physical and psychological reactions as a response to the world around us and how it affects us. Symptoms of stress are different for everyone.

Physical symptoms of stress can include rapid heartbeat, headaches, body aches, tight muscles, neck or jaw tightness from clenching your teeth, sleeplessness, lack of energy, tiredness, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, stomach problems, skin rashes, hormonal imbalances, rapid increase or decrease in appetite, sexual dysfunction, and sweating.

Emotional symptoms of stress can include anxiousness, depressive states, unstable mood, extreme anger, irrational fears, repetitive negative behaviors, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, hyperactivity, heightened problems in relationships, feelings of irritability, restlessness, obsessing over things, crying a lot, and nightmares.

Cumulative effects of stress

The effects of stress over a long period of time unfortunately show up in not only how you feel but also how you treat the people around you. Long-term stress can affect how you perform in school, work, and personal relationships, and how you function in your family. When your normal is being in a stressful state, it’s almost as if you forget how to relax and be happy. Most people in high achievement-focused cultures live this way and don’t even realize it.

Chronic stress ultimately changes the chemicals in the brain which modulate cognition and mood. High, prolonged levels of cortisol (stress hormone) have been associated with mood disorders, depressive states, and anxiousness.

The biological state of balance is homeostasis. A balanced nervous system requires continuous maintenance. Some of the ways to balance the nervous system are… connecting with people around you, volunteering in the community, getting out in nature, hobbies, energy healing, mindfulness and exercising.

So today we will start with a bit of mindful breath work and stretching to release stress toxins and blocks from the body and mind.

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Use in professional and personal lives, improving overall health and well-being.

*Our resources are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat.*

Renee Frye, SSHI





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