Deconstructing Trauma™ Guidebook 

What is our Deconstructing Trauma™ Guidebook?

This guidebook is a resource that builds resilience, safety, balance, and innovative healthy life skills to improve overall health and well-being.

Shift negative thought processes and behaviors. Reduce the risk of burnout, compassion fatigue, low energy, and more with our Deconstructing Trauma program. Our methods address negative thought patterns, damaging core beliefs, adverse childhood experiences, and toxic stress.

We have developed the Deconstructing Trauma™ Program, which is integrated into all of our services and programs and is available to all through our Deconstructing Trauma guidebook and interactive workbooks. The Deconstructing Trauma program teaches us a healing-centered life approach, allowing us to safely peel back the layers of trauma that have occurred throughout our lives. By deconstructing our past trauma, we can learn to safely navigate our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Our curriculum is based on positive social development; through this process, behaviors, perspectives, and attitudes are learned, offering long-term positive changes in relationships and interactions involving oneself, peers, and family. As we learn to release negative and unhealthy behaviors that have manifested from our trauma, we are able to reprogram to positive mindsets and healthy behaviors. Our program includes insightful daily awareness tools, mindful behavior modification strategies, a revolutionary positive behavior resilience method, and energy healing therapy. The combination of these specific approaches has a significant impact on the release of trauma, chaos, pain, and negativity.

This trauma-responsive resource is designed for the public as well as professionals; we can all benefit from these resources. We have all experienced some form of trauma. These experiences create negative patterns, imprints, and blocks that have a damaging impact on our lives.

By creating health, wellness, resilience, and balance in all areas of our lives, we have the opportunity to reduce trauma, toxic stress, sadness, depressive states, low energy, anxiousness, panic, ACEs, substance abuse, addiction, compassion fatigue, burnout, absenteeism, and more.

We believe in a healing-centered approach and holistic care, focusing on the whole person; in this way, we become our own best resource. We all need healthy life-support skills. We are not alone.

Our resources are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat.

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